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Builders, Remodelers and Industry Professionals

Builders, Remodelers and Industry Professionals

Builders, Remodelers and Industry Professionals

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Registered Builder Membership

Tom Waller Signature Homes

Brian Wacker Registered Builder Membership

Superior Builders, Inc.

John P. Waller Registered Builder/Remodeler Membership

J.P. Waller Design Group

James Walser Registered Builder Membership

John A. Walser, Inc.

Henry Ware Registered Builder Membership

Henry Ware Construction

Kevin Weis Associate Builder/Remodeler Membership

Sunrise Development Group, LLC

David Weis Registered Builder Membership

Meridian Construction, LLC

Scott Welch Registered Builder/Remodeler Membership

Welch Builders, Inc.

Bill Welch Registered Builder Membership

Bill Welch Construction

Welch Developers Associate Membership
Michelle Wells Associate Builder/Remodeler Membership

Mattwells Development, LLC

Cory Welsh Associate Builder/Remodeler Membership
Wesbanco Associate Membership
David Westfall Registered Remodeler Membership

Homework Residential Renovations, Inc.

Westphal Construction Inc. Associate Membership
Weyland Ventures Commercial Developer Membership
Wholesale Hardwood Interiors Associate Membership
Wilco Improvements, Inc. Associate Membership
Bill Wilkinson Registered Builder/Remodeler Membership

Wilkinson Builders, Inc.

Bill Wilkinson Registered Builder/Remodeler Membership

310 Construction Services, LLC

Willis Klein Showrooms Associate Membership
Donald Wirtzberger Registered Remodeler Membership

Sierra Design & Construction

Patrick Wissing Registered Remodeler Membership

Wissing Contracting Company, Inc.

W. Aaron Withrow Associate Builder/Remodeler Membership

Patriot Homes, LLC

Wes Witten Registered Builder Membership

Witten Homes, Inc.

Kenneth C. Wolf Registered Remodeler Membership
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