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Lazaro Barba

Lazaro Barba


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Since I was young I have always had a passion for creation and improving the look of things around me. When I moved to Louisville 10 years ago, I quickly noticed the potential of this city and its need of expansion. Then, suddenly, 'I had a dream'; I dreamed with the idea of being part of Louisville's development.

However, my first years in Louisville were a little bit rough trying to fit into a culture and a society that were totally new for me. I had to make an extra effort to overcome the language barrier, I had to get use to new work regulations and work hard everywhere I was to try to succeed.

Finally, the effort started to pay back and with the help of my supportive wife, I was able to give my first steps towards making my dream come true. In 2018, Kentucky Quality Flip LLC, DBA "Barba Construction" was founded as a family owned building and remodeling company committed to help enhance the look of our city.

Today, we look back and we are very proud of what we have achieved. We have remodeled and built many houses in Louisville and Southern Indiana, we have partnered with many prestigious companies in the area, and most importantly we have earned the love and respect of our customers and business partners. However, we are not planning to stop; on the contrary, Barba Construction wants to keep growing, help others to grow with us as well, and together keep building and developing our beautiful city of Louisville step by step.

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